“I won’t sell my soul for a hundred-grand,
i’d rather be known as a legend to a hundred fans.”
-Eric Spivak


+ Born in Chicago, IL
+ Raised in Tampa, FL
+ Cultivated in New York, NY
+ Mixed in Austin, TX
+ Mastered in Los Angeles, CA
& Distributed Worldwide 

Eric “Motivate” Spivak is an Educator,
Trusted Advisor & Key Opinion Leader
in the Blockchain Space
Emerging Tech Web3 World.

Specializing in Marketing, Consulting,
Business Development,  Partnerships,
Product Design, Community Building,
Creative Strat, Special Events & Experiential.
Product Management, Growth & Retention. 

In 2020’
He Founded The Largest & Fastest Growing
NFT / Web3 Community In The World

and has since been featured by everyone from
Rolling Stone, GQ, Complex, Decrypt & more
alongside working with brands like
LVMH Group, Netflix, Sotheby’s to name a few.

Beyond his contributions to fast-paced
digital environments.
He’s played an instrumental role
in the Los Angeles underground nightlife community

As a cultural purveyor and conduit,
providing sustainability and longevity
to the independent, music, art and fashion scenes.
with his creative agency & marketing firm:
(which is also another portfolio)

Serving clients ranging from
Barack Obama, A$AP Rocky, Flying Lotus,
Doja Cat, Virgil Abloh, Heineken, DeviantArt,
TheHundreds, Depop, VaynerMedia, H.Lorenzo,
Mixmag, Boiler Room
+ many more.

His curatorial abilites, quality and consistency
are seen throughout the projects he works on,
people he represents & products he releases.

Eric is actively working for posterity,
leading with philanthropy &
building a legacy of longevity,
sustainability & accessibility
for a multitude of communities & cultures worldwide.

that’s the TL:DR

If you’d lik to see my